You Can Get The Best Backlinks To Your Website From Quality Sites


Google ranks websites in search results based on a Page Rank score of 10. This rating includes awareness and value of the site’s content. The more backlinks you have, the higher your Page Rank will be. To choose the sites that are issuers, you must choose sites with a score greater than 3. You must also take into consideration the authority of the page. Indeed, it is one of the most important factors for the ranking. The authority of a page takes into account the credibility of a page in the eyes of Google’s robots.


You must ensure that your backlinks are not nofollow or they will not affect your SEO (they don’t penalize you for that). A no follow link is a link that sends no signal to Google robots, that is, it does not transmit anything for Page Rank.


Be careful, Google does not like sites containing only links in dofollow: be sure to find the right balance. A link to follow is a link that optimizes the positioning of the site to which the link points. The transmitting site transmits part of its ranking.


You Want To Create Backlinks To Your Site Because;

  • Backlinks Improve the ranking of search engines by retrieving organic links from other websites
  • Backlinks help search engine robots find links to your website by indexing faster
  • Backlinks Help for referral traffic


Behind the links lies the concept of Google Juice. However, so far we have been content to deliver juice in our own pages. We will see that when we talk about other sites, Google Juice takes a different dimension. It will also be an opportunity for us to talk about PageRank.


Definition And Meaning Of A Backlink

An incoming link

A backlink is nothing more than an inbound link to your website on the Internet. This backlink should be solid coming with popular HTML mark. The address of the destination website must be entered in the href attribute and of course starts with HTTP: //. You are already using hypertext links to distribute Google Juice on your own website. A backlink is nothing more than a hypertext link that a site created for Site B.


What Are The Backlinks For?

Good and bad backlink?

Backlinks are used for many purposes and are very important to your SEO strategy. That brings you a ranking:


Additional Google Juice From Another Website

Reputation and popularity


In fact, as we saw in the previous paragraph, websites have a great image for Google, if the site has a backlink from another site.


We can distinguish two types of backlinks. On the one hand, there are backlinks that give you a lot of Google Juice and popularity. These are backlinks that come from websites with excellent SEO. On the other hand, there are backlinks that give you little Google Juice, low reputation and little popularity: These are backlinks that come from websites that do not necessarily have good SEO.


Keep in mind that it’s better to get backlinks from websites that are better than yours, even if it’s not mandatory. If these sites are also in the same niche (same industry), this is perfect! Any website that supports you in relation to your backlink goals should come from the same industry as your own website, eg, the neverlandbeauty online Magazine. We are dedicated to the beauty and fashion industry.


You Are To Avoid Some Backlinks Out There

However, some backlinks should be avoided. To be honest, these are links to sites that are blacklisted by Google because they do not comply with their policies or have a catastrophic reputation on the Web. In general, we try to stay away from these websites.


For information we will see some directories on the internet, some are blacklisted and you want to stay away from these bad and poor backlinks.


Your Goal, Web Marketing

Your goal is to get as much Google Juice as possible, popularity and knowledge by getting the most backlinks (quality). You’ll need to implement strategies to encourage other webmasters to create links from their site to your own.


It’s not very complicated, but it has to be done! Here, the line between SEO and web marketing is usually the lowest. In fact, it’s not possible to separate these two terms when it comes to the backlinking campaign


Encourage Others To Create Links

The netlinking encourage others to create links

When a website is created and run correctly, an SEO administrator must conduct network campaigns. Are you wondering what it is? It’s about linking other webmasters to your website. There are many different possibilities, and I will explain a little how everything works. You will see that there is a lot of vocabulary that you don’t have to remember after now.


The Ninja Link

The Link Ninja is undoubtedly the most direct and concrete way to link other websites to their own pages. Why? Quite simply because you are the one who creates your link in the websites of others, you have several options. Take the example of a blog where readers can comment on articles.


An Influential Strategy That Is Well Tied

Nowadays influential people should be considered in all marketing campaigns. They have much room for maneuver that they represent real business opportunities. When working with an influencer, you must negotiate an incoming link in your blog or social media. The goal, of course, is to reach the subscribers of the influencer, who is considered the true way to get backlinks.

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